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Guest Caretakers

It can be difficult to let strangers into your home, which is why The Home Hosting Partners helps ensure that we take the necessary measures to properly screen all guests before they have access to your home. We go beyond the platforms screening options of verification by finding out as much info as we can about guests and who they are. We verify social media accounts where applicable and make sure everyone understand rules and house obligations.

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Services: Renting

Options for Home Owners


  • 24/7 contact

  • In Depth House Manuals

  • Guest Communications

  • Intricate Pricing Rates

  • Guests Screening

  • Review Writings 

  • Handling Deposits Where Applicable

  • Listing Optimization & Data Collecting


  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Email Newsletters

  • Website Design

  • Website Hosting

  • Professional Photography

  • Full Social Media Servicing

  • Property Naming


  • Supply Inventory

  • Stocking Supplies

  • Item checklist

  • Maintenance logs

  • Coordinating Maintenance / Repairs

  • Cleaning Company Management

  • Landscaping Services

  • Accounting Services

  • Payouts for Hired Services


  • Hot tubs

  • Saunas

  • Fire-pits

  • BBQ Grilling Areas

  • Horseshoe Game 

  • Awnings

  • Mattresses

  • Full Home Renovations

  • Property Flip Consultation

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Nightly Rate Pricing

Home Hosting Partners uses various market data collected across a multitude of trusted websites to properly analyze the best prices for your short term rentals nightly rate. We not only use the data sites, but also constantly update rates based off your local competition in order to stay a feature property and appear at the top of your areas search results. Competitive & strategic pricing using market data collection and hard search results ensures that your property's nightly right price will not get lost in the platforms algorithm allowing you to stay competitive and receive effortless bookings.

Guest Communications

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays and weekends for emergencies. The staff at Home Hosting Partners are committed to being readily available for your guests needs and questions. We diligently communicate with guests to guarantee quick response times  & making sure they are taken care of. We provide check-in and check-out instructions, concierge service, and emergency contact phone numbers & emails. With Home Hosting Partners, you have complete peace of mind while we work to ensure a 5 star guest rating.

Guest Screening

Background checks and traditional full tenant screening cannot realistically be done for short term vacation rental guests due to time constraints, same day bookings, and often times- platform policies limitations. Instead, Home Hosting Partners does thorough searches of all guests registered on bookings via social media profiles, google results, and public records on criminal data sites. Photo ID copies and rental agreements are also signed where applicable. Guests confirm number of guests, house rules, additional info for guests to note, and pets before receiving property access.

24/7 Emergency Contact

A 24/7 emergency contact support phone number is always provided to guests before check in as well as on their log-in instructions, inside your house manual, and on a contact sheet list posted in a non-conspicuous place like on the refrigerator. When your guests call, they get a trained professional staff member who's informed specific to their booking, ready to assist them . It is important that guests feel like they can get a hold of someone when they need to. We are here for them.

Multi Platform Listings

We understand the importance of cross platform marketing and the role it plays in effectively creating a profitable vacation rental. Our primary focus is on AirBnB, the leading STR booking platform available, however listings are advertised across a multitude of platforms including VRBO, Expedia, etc. after your initial service period to ensure the property is suited as best as expected for marketing and proves ready for more booking avenues.

House Manual

There is no such thing as a stupid question and when you're living in someone's home ready to vacation, there certainly isn't any time for them either. We go to great lengths to make sure your guests have their questions answered right there laid out for them in their house manual, printed on quality material with proper labeling and photos. The house manual is available to guests online after booking with a physical copy ready for reading at your vacation rental. The manual is updated regularly.

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Supply Inventory

Stocking and supplying your short term rental with the necessary items it needs for guests to have a 5 star experience, is a lot of work. We take care of inventory logging and ordering while making sure you're paying the best prices for supplies. We have detailed checklist for references and organized logs for ordering.

Maintenance Coordination

Basic property management includes taking care of changing a lightbulb or cleaning out a fireplace. For larger repairs, we work with you and our choice of trusted contractors to keep your property in the best shape. Guests safety is a top priority so we ensure there are no hazards or needed repairs with a detailed analysis of the property on a bi-monthly basis provided to you in a check list we work up together at the beginning of the service agreement to make sure you are 100% confident with your level of care.

Turnover Systemization

A turnover is not only a cleaning. A turnover is an effective cleaning of your vacation rental. In order to be effective, there are timelines, strict guidelines, and rigorous protocols to adhere to- especially in this time of Covid19. In order to efficiently coordinate cleanings, we have trained cleaners who follow step-by-step instructions on cleaning protocols and confirm cleanings days in advance. Our cleaning schedules are automated and updated daily to ensure a timely turnover of your STR.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

When it comes to your money, we want to be as transparent as possible. Your profits are presented to you on a weekly basis depending on how the platforms weekly payouts and are broken down by bookings. Our accounting regime is pulled straight from your Airbnb's site listing or other platforms site info, and will account for all expenses with receipts for your records. Booking is conveyed via email and will also include payouts to contractors or maintenance personnel.

Business Operations

Along with your weekly accounting reference email, you will recevie up to date check in's that state any steps taken to update or change your listing. Our business operations includes weekly accountability as well as monthly reconciliation of your profits and loss statements to ensure we are creating a fully operating short term vacation rental to the best of its abilities. All of our staff are trained in short term rental management and are committed to seeing your property profit.


Marketing your property starts with professional photos. Encompassed around your property description is a brand. We work hard to convey that brand to travelers to be both inviting and unique. Along with professional photos, you will receive a direct booking website, a professionally designed logo, a personalized guest book, and home staging services. When we open up your property for bookings, we not only set the guest expectations, but also create an experience the guests look forward to before even getting to the home.

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