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Co-Host Services

Professional Assistance

As one of our most popular offerings, co-hosting is a simple property management service provided by us to help you navigate the systems in place to successfully run your short term rental. We take care of the guests directly- handling check in & outs, lease signings where applicable, property marketing, and coordinating cleaning. This option is best for owners who prefer the hands on approach and efficiency of having a co-host assistant who is available 24/7 for guests communications, calendar syncing, platform managing, and supply inventory lists along with assisting with cleaners and regularly updating a maintenance log. Essentially, we are a cohost to your AirBnb account and received payouts after each booking. 15% monthly service fee.

Hosting Services

Hands-Off Approach

Full hosting services offer home owners the hands off approach to operating a short term rental property. With our full hosting services, we not only 100% handle guests interactions, but also communicate directly with Airbnb, VRBO, and other rental platforms as well as hire and coordinate cleaning services and property maintenance. Hosting services allows us at Home Hosting Partners to be the caretaker of both your property and your short term rental business- limited to branding and photos; property owner maintain functionality of the vacation rental. Essentially, we are a host/cohost on a newly created AirBnb account in which we facilitate payments on your behalf for both services provided and cleaners. Just 25% monthly service fee.

Short Term Rental Operations

STR Business & Property Management

With our full short term rental operations plan owners receive home hosting services where guests, short term rental property management, and vacation rental business marketing are encompassed into a full care service. With full operations owners are 100% hands off, have their property managed and marketed to their utmost abilities with branding, professional photos, social media accounts, and logo design plus so much more. This option is best for home owners who own vacation homes but want to invest their times in other endeavors while leaving it to a professional to create a profit flowing short term vacation rental business. You have the option to use the home whenever you want! Cost is a flat rate rental arrangement and on a case by case basis.

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Services Cost

The three hosting options mentioned above vary depending on the owners needs. We can work with you to figure out the best plan of action for your short term rental goals as well as your profit goals. We can and will go beyond business strategizing and monetizing, we can assist you in getting set up to operate legally. We can take the guest work out of operating a short term vacation rental with remitting your state and/or jurisdictions taxes, setting you up for auto payments, as well as prioritizing your platforms guest services and payment systems. Most short term rentals will either require a business license or operations permit. You will have state transient taxes as well as local municipalities transient taxes through the city and/or county you operate in. Verifying these legalities is only the first step in setting up for successful operations. Count on us to support your business and help you navigate the process.

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